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"Miss Claire took my son in last minute when I lost my child care for the summer and it was the best thing that could have happened ! My son was 5 at the time and absolutely loves being in her care. She is patient and caring , she was made to do child care ! We will continue to go to her on any days off or vacations from school!" (September 2023)

Alyssa Silva 

"My daughter had been with Ms. Claire a little over 6 months, we absolutely adore her and think of her as part of our family!!! She always has fun projects and activities for the kids, which my daughter loves to come home and show me what she made for the day." (August 2023)

Reannen LaBonte


"Prior to entering Ms. Claire's daycare must son really struggled with structure and using his words properly but with the consistent educational activities she's able to provide he has thrived tremendously. He still has a ways to go but he is a little over 2 now and I truly believe it's because of how the effort she puts into ours kids in her care. It makes me smile everyday getting his little creations they make. Ms. Claire is able to communicate anytime of day which puts my mind at ease. We appreciate your hard work that you put into my son. Thank you." (August 2023)

Bianca Melis

"Our daughter spent 4 years at Miss Claire’s. During those 4 years she thrived. Miss Claire is loving, kind and compassionate. She had our daughter 100% prepared for Kindergarten. Everyday is spent learning both academically and socially in a loving home atmosphere." (August 2023)

Cindy Bromann


"Our daughter has been with this daycare since she was three. she has learned and grown so much since we started there. We have had nothing but wonderful experience here. Our daughter is 6 going on 7 now but still goes two days a week in the summer because she just loves it there so much. We highly recommend this Day Care facility." (June 2023)


"My daughter faithfully went to Home Away From Home for years. She now goes back every summer (she's headed into 2nd grade) and it is one of her favorite places. Miss Claire is the most kind, calm, loving and warm people you will ever meet and trust with your child/children. My husband and I agree she is the best in the area and we were beyond lucky and blessed to find her and still have her as a part of our child's life and ongoing enrichment!" (June 2023)

Erin H. 

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Claire in a consulting role for many years. She is a nurturing, loving and patient caregiver. Her program provides a warm, supportive environment for children to learn and grow. Claire has a strong knowledge of child development and works with families creating a wonderful bond. She sees the children in her care as family and it is a testament to her care and ability to foster positive relationships that so many families stay in touch long after their children age out of her program."  (August 2023)

Heather C.

"I had my son at Home Away From Home Daycare for almost 4 months and we love it there. It definitely is a home away from home. Claire is a great care giver. We loved every project our son brought home and we loved that Claire notified everything to us. I will definitely recommend this daycare 200% I wish I can move near her again to put our baby there. Best Daycare ever!!" (April 2023)

Janette Rodriguez 

"Warm and dedicated caregiver who truly loves her job! Highly recommended! Over the past 6 years, both my daughter and son have attended this day care. Aside from giving my children a safe and nurturing home environment to be in, Claire always provides educational or stimulating activities for them. I love all the play equipment and big yard she has for the kids to play in. My nervousness at leaving my kids was eased by knowing that Claire has been a licensed provider for over 30 years! My children have thrived under her care. I can't imagine having them at any other day care." ( September 2021)

Michelle L. 

Our son has been attending Claire's daycare for the past two and half years. We are extremely satisfied with the care and education that Claire has provided for him. Each day it is a great pleasure to see my son leave the daycare safely and happily. It is great to hear him talking about new experience at the daycare, activities with his friends, and new knowledge learned. Claire is such an upright, caring and loving person, and she is so enthusiastic about her profession. We really appreciate the time of life our son had with her. We highly recommend Claire! (February 2020)

Yu W.

"Claire was great with Anna and Matthew we would recommend her to anyone with young children." (2017)

Natasha Y.

"I can not say enough positive things about Home Away From Home Daycare. As a working mother, I wanted to make sure that our daughter was in good hands. We really wanted to make sure that our little one had a safe, nurturing home away from home. Claire is very caring and spends the time to talk with me through anything that happened during the day. Her home is always clean and is filled with bright colorful decorations to appeal to the children. There is plenty of outside play time and Claire has an amazing backyard with plenty of things to do for the kids to get out pent up energy. When my daughter started there she was 2 1/2 and had a low vocabulary but she has made huge improvements in development with Claire's help. She is very flexible with working through schedule changes. Compared with other local home daycare's she is very reasonably priced."  (2015)

Ariel M.

"My two daughters (ages 1 and 5) have been attending Claire's Home Away From Home Daycare for over 2 years now and they love it! Claire is warm, friendly and really loves the children as if they were her own! Her daycare is a fun and safe place for the kids with a lot of educational activities! Claire has very flexible hours and she gives plenty of notice when taking vacation time. My family considers her part of our family now and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a family style home daycare!"

Janelle B.

"My daughter Laura was attending this daycare for around a year, I was always pleased with the care she received. Claire was always friendly and very thorough with the services she provided. My daughter Laura still to this day asks about Claire.. I couldn't of asked for a better day care provider for my child Thank you."

Patricia M.

"My daughter went there from 18 months thru's been 10 years but she still visits & keeps in touch. She loved it! :-)"

Jennifer F.

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